Guide to summer trends 2015

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All other seasons in Florida are quite pleasant but summer is H-O-T. With a rapidly growing pregnant belly, it is even sweatier and hotter than normal. So truth be told, I have been living in shorts, t-shirts and white Birkenstocks (hard to bend down to tie those gladiator straps with a belly on the way). But for the rest of you passing the summer in a “this-is-amazing-weather” attitude, these summer trends would be so much fun to try.

1. It’s all about the ties. Gladiators are just so much fun and after almost a decade, the trend has come roaring back and is edgier than before, with leather straps up to the knees. For the bashful among us, espadrilles are the other shoes for summer (besides, all those leather ties up the legs could get sweaty), updated with hardware and wrap-around ties. Even flats are getting the ties update. Now, if only I can bend down to put these shoes on.

2. White lace. I know I’ve been touting white and lace since last year but both of these elements combined are just perfect for this summer. Probably because of gladiators sandals, white lace is rendered a little tougher and less frothy. Seen on Chloé’s ready to wear summer 2015 collection, other designers such as rising star Self Portrait have followed suit. Even better is that you can also find less expensive versions via fast fashion brands. Update lace for later seasons in moodier and darker colors.

3. Off the shoulder. It’s hot and it’s time to bare those shoulders while the weather allows for it. Pair it with shorts for now and with skinny jeans for when it gets a little cooler. Dress down with espadrilles or dress it up with heels, it’s all up to you.

Guide to summer trends 2015

H M dress
$93 –

Self portrait purple summer dress
$405 –

TIBI satin top

Candela elastic waist shorts

Navy blue flat



J.Crew french hook earrings
$110 –



4. Culottes. I know that this is not for everyone but think about it – you get the flowy silhouette of a skirt without fear of said skirt blowing up when it’s windy. Plus, the new culottes come in so many options in volume and in length. If I wasn’t so pregnant, I would seriously consider this – stylish and practical.

5. Pom-poms and tassels. Bohemian style abounds and for accessories, what could be more fun than pom-poms and tassels? Since I’ve been researching/buying a lot of stuff for the house, I even found pom-poms on bedding. Then reality set in and thought of my toddler picking at the pom-poms. And seriously, who could resist these things?


Guide to summer trends

Fashion, Trends

June 21 may be the official start of summer but the Fourth of July weekend for me is a much better marker. And as we all navigate the heat even all the way up to Canada, stay cool and refreshed in this guide to summer dressing.

1. White on white. It’s a bold trend to pull off but the rewards can be… rewarding. I am slowly working my way in to an all white outfit but I have to admit, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Too little contrast in accessories, and you’ll end up like a ghost. Too much contrast and you’ll end up trying too hard. The key is to play with shades and texture. Plus, wear it like you own it.

White on White

Être Cécile print top
$62 –

Cameo short shorts
$120 –


Melissa Odabash beach hat


2. Denim shorts. In the wake of the #iwokeuplikethis trend, denim shorts, the epitome of I-don’t-care attitude are working their way into the summer wardrobe (good old denim in general). The more distressed they are, the better. Again, the key is contrast because you may humble-brag about “waking up like this” but do you really want to look like you just rolled off of bed?

Denim shorts

Sophie Hulme white top
$310 –

Stuart weitzman shoes

Jade ring

3. The shirtdress. You have the option of going to the extreme end of dishevelment and just wear a man’s shirt as a dress or you can look for more refined options. The choice is entirely up to you.




4. Nautical dressing. This is probably one of my favorites because you can have nautical elements all over and not look like a fool, though you might want to leave the captain’s hat at home. Trust me, I’m a captain. No, seriously, I do have a captain’s license and even captains leave their hats at home unless it’s a formal occasion.

Nautical style


Rag Bone t shirt

Vince wedge sandals
$430 –

Tory Burch leather handbag

Madewell hat


5. Summer slides. Started by Phoebe Philo of Celine for the Spring 2013 collection, it’s possible this trend may be played out by the end of summer (people may have too many bad memories of those Adidas slides and Birks?) but if you want to jump on, now is the time. Besides, they are comfortable, right?


Summer slides

Zara dress

J Crew elbow sleeve sweater

Birkenstock strap sandals

Zara sandals

Monsoon white sandals