The List: White Sneakers

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted The List and I know that for a lot of people experiencing the beginning of winter, this particular list might belong way in the future. Because, really, can you imagine wearing white sneakers in the winter sludge? I can’t and I suggest that you don’t even try. After all, the idea of the white sneaker is to be comfortable *and* polished. So scuff marks are not allowed and certainly, neither are dirt marks. For a guide on how to keep them that way, head over to Fashionista here.

But for some of us living in perpetual summertime, the white sneaker is a tempting trend to try – it’s classic and it looks so effortless. The inspiration for pairing it with a tulle skirt is pure whimsy on my part. I tried on this tulle skirt yesterday and immediately thought of white sneakers. I also happened to be wearing a white button down and it just seemed to work. Splurge or save on this trend, it’s entirely up to you.

By the way, check out my published post on Seeking Alpha here about fast fashion retailer H&M.

The List: White Sneakers

The List: Sneakers

Fashion, Trends, Wishlist

I like comfortable shoes and sneakers would rank at the top of comfort. But fashionable sneakers were hard to find. I had a Puma Black Label (they were just the right kind of pointy) that I used for 5 years before finally giving it up. It got me through New York rain, apple picking walks, gym time and even playing squash. As you can see, I like mixing fashion with function. This normcore trend brought all kinds of fashionable sneakers so pardon me for putting up a list of 15 items instead of just 10.

The List: Sneakers

Sam Edelman

Comme des Garçons

Tretorn T56

Rebecca Minkoff

NIKE Court Majestic

Vince Preston



Jimmy Choo