“Pivot” is a big word in tech. For me, it means pivoting my life from a small-town life in the Philippines to the big seas of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic as crew on private yachts, to co-founding a software startup in Montreal, Canada. Most recently, I finished my MBA at Hult International Business School in the campuses of Boston, San Francisco and Shanghai. For each change, I had to learn from zero and enjoyed the challenges of doing so.

Through all that time, I have kept true to my passions – writing and research; whether it’s for our company’s business plan or a school paper (of which there were plenty during graduate school). This blog is an extension of those passions and will focus mostly on the things I’m interested in, which are technology and fashion/retail.

  1. the inherent nature or essence of someone or something.
    • a distinctive feature; a peculiarity.

If you have read through my posts, you will notice that I do weekly roundups in news and retail, lists of trends and fashion items. The Internet is a massive place – I try to condense what I have read and observed in lists such as those, providing what I believe to be the most relevant, the essential – the quiddity of tech and fashion/retail. In a way, I want to curate tech and fashion for you, the reader, in the hopes that you will find it useful and thought provoking.

I appreciate thoughtful comments and feedback as well as suggestions for writing materials. You can see my detailed profile on LinkedIn and follow me on Google+ and Twitter.


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