I miss writing

News and commentaries

There’s really no way around it. I miss writing and all the attendant activities around it: thinking, research, actually writing, editing, publishing whether on my own blog or elsewhere (Medium, Seeking Alpha, etc.) and maybe getting a comment or two.

It wasn’t entirely a conscious choice to take a break. I really thought I could keep it going as per this optimistic post. But kids, building a company, travel, new baby – it really adds up.Like a lot of people, this global pandemic has given me more time to think despite the forced homeschooling. Because when you take out the 3 hours a day devoted to the gym (I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu), the school drop-offs, the social interactions, the weekly runs to the groceries, I do have some time.

This extra time allowed me to distill and prioritize activities to what matters to me personally and those are writing, reading and turning that into some kind of advise or explanation. So, I’ll take a deep breath and dive into it on my next post. But take this as an “I’m back” post and see where it takes me. 


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