2016 habits and the weekly roundup in tech and retail

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Like any first post for 2016, I will talk about resolutions. As in the fact that they hardly work. My resolution for 2015 was to write more and contribute more to my profile on Seeking Alpha here. But then I got pregnant, purchased a new home and let’s just say my resolutions went down the toilet. Sounds familiar?

The problem with resolutions/goals are that they are so lofty as to be unattainable and can be so vague that we don’t really know where to start. Instead, let’s go for little to-dos. Inspired by this post Your Goals are Overrated, I will instead go for habits. Starting with this weekly roundup. Because after my post-partum hiatus, it became a habit not to post the weekly roundup and I kind of miss it, don’t you? It took a while because every time I though about it, I wanted it to be perfect and then of course it wasn’t because… a starting-to-be-conscious toddler and a newborn. So instead I will just get back to turning the weekly roundup into a habit once again and just do it.

Here are this week’s weekly roundup in tech and retail (Titles are not paraphrased nor added with important details, as I said, let’s just do this and actually start):

In tech:

  1. Samsung May Invest Over $7 Billion to Supply OLED Displays for Future iPhones
  2. Netflix says it will do more to stop customers from bypassing country restrictions
  3. Space: Musk’s SpaceX splits NASA contracts with Orbital, Sierra Nevada; Audi Built A Moon Rover
  4. Uber bows to $7.6M fine in California
  5. Self driving cars: Tesla Car Can Be Summoned And Park Itself; Obama administration unveils $4B plan to jump-start self-driving cars

    In retail:

  1. Euclid Analytics Raises $20M Series C To Track Consumer Behavior In Retail Stores
  2. Amazon is getting into the oceanic freight shipping game
  3. Slump in Hong Kong, Macau Hits Burberry Christmas sales
  4. Shopify brings its point-of-sale system to Android devices
  5. American Apparel is said to reject takeover bid and Dov Charney return

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