The List: 2015’s hottest fashion items and brands

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I tend to like the same things over and over, which is probably good to know because it means that most of my stuff stay awhile in my closet. And when I zero in on an item, I also check that item all the time just to see if I can get a deal. Unfortunately, there are just some things that simply don’t go (or hardly ever) on sale because they’re always sold out.

Such as when a particular item/silhouette from a brand gets so coveted that it’s almost always on pre-order and a few seasons later, it gets copied by fast fashion brands. And you simply can’t get these on sale, at least for now. These are this year’s forerunners:

The List: 2015's hottest fashion items and brands
And if you’re not ready to take an expensive plunge, thankfully, there’s a list for that, too:
The List: 2015's Hottest Items for less

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