Earnings, Google Maps and the weekly roundup in tech and retail

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This week, earnings calls for the first quarter of 2015 dominated the news in tech and retail. Too bad that I barely had time to really read the reports but I posted the most important ones here for future reference. Just a short note this week as we are T minus 6 days to a move. Can’t leave without sharing this, though:


The image above is located south of the Pakistani town of Rawalpindi.  Contrary to some reports, this is not one of Google’s Easter eggs but most likely the result of a user abusing Map Maker. It was seen here but as of this writing, the image has been removed and Google has apologized. I took the screenshot above early this morning. For posterity, of course.

Here are this week’s most relevant news in tech and retail:

In tech:

    1. Google Q1 revenue rose to 12% at $17.3B but misses expectations for the sixth time in the last nine quarters; announces Project Fi in partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile in the US, wireless plans starts at $20/month
    2. Amazon Q1 revenue beats expectations and reveals for the first time how big its cloud business is, at $4.6B revenue accounting for 7% of Q1 revenue of $22.7B
    3. Facebook Q1 revenue rose by 42% to $3.54B but misses estimates, video views per day at 4 billion views
    4. Comcast drops $45.2B merger agreement with Time Warner Cable amidst heavy opposition from consumers and likely veto from federal regulators
    5. Yahoo‘s Q1 revenue drops 4% from last year; might spin off Japan operations

In retail:

  1. Amazon, Audi and DHL to test package delivery to cars in May in Munich
  2. Kering reports drop in Q1 like-for-like sales (Financial Times paywall) as Gucci undergoes transition
  3. eBay Q1 earnings beat expectations, buoyed by PayPal unit
  4. Secondhand fashion marketplace Poshmark raises $25M, on track to $200M in revenues this year
  5. Lilly Pulitzer for Target sells out within hours and crashes website

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