Apple Watch is on pre-order today and the weekly roundup in tech and retail

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Most of the snark and fanboy/girl-ism is here as Apple Watch goes on pre-order and appointments can be had to try it on. As someone who has predicted that despite the snark, people will still buy it (and they have, at least in China where the Gold Edition is sold out), I have an interest in how it performs. So despite my being a Google fangirl, I made an appointment to try on the Apple Watch Sport tonight. On that same note, when my husband read my post here about the iPhone 6 still having the best camera on a smartphone, he became convinced that I should put up my Nexus 6 for sale on eBay and get myself an iPhone instead. For a few minutes, I let myself imagine being back in iOS and then I snapped back to reality and said – no, absolutely not. I share, post, take notes across several apps (photo editing, social, productivity, messaging) and Android lets me do that with no problems. In fact, I was able to upload the Android screenshot below to this post in WordPress within the photo app while I had to open the Gmail app and attach the iOS screenshot to send to myself so I can upload to this post. I mention it because I’m pretty sure that once we’re there trying the Apple Watch, I will salivate over the iPhone camera. This is sort of a reminder to myself of how painful so many other things are on iOS. Btw, you might want to hold off on that iOS 8.3 update (new emojis!) for now – the update breaks Touch ID purchasing for some users.


Sharing a photo on Android (with even more apps below screen)



Sharing a photo on iOS

Here are the most relevant news in tech and retail this week:

In tech:

  1. Professional social network LinkedIn to buy online training platform for $1.5B; 52% cash payout and 48% stock
  2. Apple acquisitions that recently came to light: startup Ottocat that organizes apps on the app store and now powers the “explore” tab; and startup Dryft that develops keyboard apps
  3. Ride-hailing service Uber launches cash-only rickshaw service in Indian capital, New Delhi
  4. Facebook is facing a privacy class action lawsuit in Europe, with 25,000 claimants
  5. HBO Now launches on iOS, Apple TV and online ahead of Game of Thrones new season; no need for cable

In retail:

  1. Apple Watch news: Purchases are online-only at launch; you can make appointments here; the Gold Edition is sold out in China; in less than 6 hours of pre-orders, shipping times slip to June for all models (original shipping time was on April 24)
  2. Amazon is now officially allowed by the FAA to test delivery drones in the US; company also acquired startup Shoefitr to improve how it sells shoes online
  3. Chinese e-commerce site stock rises after announcing warehousing and delivery agreement with Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo; Uniqlo now has flagship store in
  4. India’s biggest e-commerce company Flipkart partners with Mumbai’s lunchbox delivery men, “dabbawalas”, for last mile deliveries
  5. After Chanel’s announcement of a future e-commerce launch, the company tests e-commerce in partnership with luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter

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