Owning your health records with PicnicHealth

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This week has been a bit of a mess with hours-long commutes, estimating house renovation costs and a doctor visit. I’ve talked at length about the advent of self-driving cars as one way to give me some time to work on the road. Soon, please?

You know what else would make life easier? Getting your all your health records in one place, preferably online. Thankfully, I’m not chronically sick. But pregnancy, having a toddler and going through another pregnancy while moving between different cities and countries means I’ve accumulated my fair share of scattered health records. As we prepare yet again to move, I’m in the midst of asking my doctor for health records. I’ve been meaning to scan them but for now, they’re mostly in paper form. When you move as much as I have in 5 years, you’d know the inevitable pain of losing a few things here and there.

So, hearing about a Y-Combinator backed company that’s attempting to solve this problem for the patient and not just for the medical provider makes me very happy indeed. PicnicHealth just raised $2M in seed funding to help chronically ill patients “gather all their records from all their doctors and put them in one easy-to-access online profile.” The path ahead will be littered with privacy concerns, archaic hospital records and HIPAA compliance but at least a tech company is interested enough to solve the problem. And when we reach the tipping point, the law will finally keep up with the times.

I write this while waiting for my doctor’s appointment which was supposed to be 40 minutes ago. Now, can we have some kind of tech to let us know in advance our waiting times? Or maybe not have to go to the doctor’s office at all? But, baby steps are okay too.

And, please pardon the break in my usual weekly roundup in tech and retail. I will leave you instead with this picture of how I planned the rest of the day:



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