Post Hiatus

News and commentaries

After almost 3 weeks of vacation (and recovery), I am back and brimming with so many stories. I read up on tech and fashion while on vacation but only sporadically. Some of the biggest news while I was away: Apple’s new iMac and iPad launches; end of Spring 2015 fashion month culminating in Paris; the eBay and PayPal split; and Google’s disappointing 3rd quarter revenues, new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 (looking forward to reviewing this for you once they ship).

Now that I’m back, I look forward to bringing you weekly roundups of news in tech and retail. More than that, I look forward to sharing some thoughts on tech and retail in an emerging market – particularly the Philippines, where I was in the first two weeks of October. Specifically – Uber or Uber-like services in the congested city of Manila; browsing airbnb listings in several locations in the Philippines and lastly, the opening of H&M’s first store in Manila.

Have a great week!


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