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I wrote how I felt about clickbait in last week’s weekly roundup and incidentally, a segment on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show also talked about clickbait with an interview with former Gawker editor, Neetzan Zimmerman. If you’re familiar with sites like Gawker and Buzzfeed, then you are one of a legion of readers who has clicked, and clicked and clicked on titles such as: “Scientists create creepy-looking mice” or listicles like “27 sex disasters you never forget.” (I’m not putting the link since I don’t want you to lose your brain cells in the process.) Zimmerman confirms how those articles are written – 15 minutes for the title and 5 minutes for the content. You can’t really blame him. In todays’ world of streaming information from multiple channels, you have to catch readers and you can’t make it too long either or else you lose their attention. Sites like Medium even state at the top of the page how long it will take to read each post.

Funny enough, when I visited Medium at this writing to get the URL, the first post I see is this 4-min read: “The Birth of (Why Sharethrough is investing $1M to make the Internet a better place)”, which is in response to “a burgeoning movement of storytellers embracing new digital tools to create meaningful narratives” and clickbait. I do believe that there is a market opportunity where people will pay for a curated Internet and well-written posts – to borrow the non-profit’s term, “meaningful content.” For my part, I hope you find my content relevant and I will always strive for that relevance and hopefully, meaningfulness.

Here are this week’s most relevant news in tech and retail:

In tech:

  1.  Twitter‘s stock surge after announcing 2nd quarter revenue growth of 124% (year-over-year) to $312M and 24% increase of average monthly active users
  2. Palantir Technologies, the $9B data analytics company in Palo Alto that provides services to several US government agencies, acquires Poptip, a social analytics startup and Propeller, an app-making startup
  3. Apple‘s iBeacons to roll out at Lord & Taylor stores in the US and Hudson’s Bay stores in Canada
  4. China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba is in talks with Snapchat, an app for disappearing photo messages, for a possible round of financing  at a $10B valuation
  5. Tesla records $858M revenue; loss of $62M; and a partnership with Panasonic to buildGigafactory, a massive battery plant in Reno, Nevada

In retail:

  1. Amazon to invest $2B to expand India operations in wake of Flipkart’s new financing round worth $1B
  2. Private equity firm 3i Group Plc is exploring a £200m sale of luxury lingerie Agent Provocateur
  3. Nordstrom to purchase Trunk Club, a Chicago-based men’s shopping site for $350M
  4. Kering beats second-quarter revenue forecasts, with 4% revenue increase on strength of Saint Laurent brand; buys Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin 
  5. Online flash sale site Rue La La is exploring a potential sale at a $400M valuation, attracts rival Gilt Groupe

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