The List: Little Black Dress

Fashion, Wishlist

In my past life, I used to alternate between Miami in the winter and New York in the summer. So even though you would equate Miami with bold, bright colors and white, I used to have a predominantly black and white wardrobe with a few reds thrown in. After all, Miami in the winter only means a lot of New Yorkers acting like locals. But after living in the northeast – Boston and Montreal for more than 3 years, I was in such a mood to embrace lighter colors, which just happens to be a big trend right now and which I also expressed in my post about the little white dress. That is not to say that I forgot my default way of dressing: black and white. So just to round that circle, here’s a list of options for that classic LBD (that’s little black dress for *you*) that you’ve been looking for. And again, a lot of these are heavily discounted so click away.

The List: The Little Black Dress


Mini dress

Zara dress

Rebecca Taylor lace dress

Topshop mini dress

Sophie Hulme mini dress
$435 –

Carven black dress

Alexander Wang dress

TIBI clothing


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