Weekly roundup in tech and retail

News and commentaries

Here are the most relevant news in tech and retail this week.

In tech:

  1. Microsoft announces 18,000 layoffs within the next year or 14% of its work force mostly related to its Nokia acquisition
  2. Apple and IBM partner up to develop more than 100 enterprise apps running on iOS devices
  3. Google’s Chief Business Officer leaves for Japan’s SoftBank Corp; quarterly revenues beat analysts’ estimates but earnings per share disappoint; and introduces Google Imagery for businesses integrating Google Earth Data with Maps 
  4. Facebook launches new iOS app Mentions for “celebrities”; testing a “Buy” button within ads and Facebook Page posts
  5. Twitter acquires CardSpring, a payment infrastructure startup to help drive in-tweet purchases

In retail:

  1. Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, an ebook and audiobook subscription for $9.99/month; customers have access to more than 600,000 ebooks
  2. China’s e-commerce giant, soon to IPO in the NYSE, Alibaba teams up with Correios, Brazil’s state-owned postal services company
  3. China’s JD.com relaunches PaiPai marketplace to compete against Alibaba’s Taobao
  4. Marc Jacobs has a new CEO: Sebastian Suhl, current chief exec of Givenchy
  5. Tory Burch enters the wearable market by partnering with Fitbit

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