Weekly roundup in tech and retail

News and commentaries


Take a break from World Cup viewing and read about what you need to know this week in tech and retail.

In tech:

  1. Amazon unveils eagerly awaited “3D” smartphone, the Fire phone with $199 2-year AT&T contract
  2. In another blow to Google, a Canadian judge orders search giant to remove specific links worldwide
  3. Messaging app Yo simplifies human interaction to two letters “yo”, received $1M in funding, goes viral and gets hacked by college students
  4. FCC is investigating the Netflix dispute with Comcast and Verizon regarding Netflix’ streaming speeds on the networks
  5. Apple introduces entry-level 21.5 inch iMac at $1,099, available at the Apple store now; almost certain to launch several versions of a smartwatch in fall 2014

In retail:

  1. In contrast to Inditexquarterly net income dips, H&M reports its strongest 2nd quarter profit growth in 4 years of 25% to $870M; plans to open 375 new stores including in new markets in India and the Philippines
  2. Target‘s woes of massive data breach and resignation of its CEO continue with payment systems glitch on Sunday
  3. American Apparel board finally fires Dov Charney after investigation into alleged misconduct
  4. Walmart Labs, tech accelerator of the retail giant, acquires Stylr, a location-based mobile shopping app for undisclosed amount
  5. Condé Nast, Publicis and Google team up to launch luxury marketing agency, La Maison

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