Weekly roundup in tech and retail

News and commentaries

Here are the most relevant news in tech and retail this week:

In tech:

  1. The FCC approves a proposal for network operators to charge Web sites for “fast lane”; a drawback for net neutrality supporters
  2. Pinterest raises $200M in Series F financing at a valuation of $5B to spend on Visual Web
  3. New York judge throws out subpoena to Airbnb requesting for hosts’ information
  4. Google Glass is now available to everyone in the US for $1500; new head and former retail exec Ivy Ross leading the division
  5. Photos of Apple‘s iPhone 6 are leaked, with a bigger screen and thinner design

In Retail:

  1. US retail sales are flat for April 2014 according to Census Bureau
  2. Walmart has weakest sales growth in 5 years, blames bad winter weather
  3. H&M launches US online store for higher quality line COS (Collection of Style); reports 17% sales rise in April
  4. Luxury brand The Row from the Olsens opens its first flagship store in LA
  5. Richemont, owner of Cartier and Piaget brands, reports 2.9% annual profit increase

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