Don’t mind my slouch

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Comfort dressing


I’ve recently returned to Miami after an absence of about 4 years. In that time, I have lived in several cities: Montreal, Boston, Palo Alto, Shanghai and Manila. Needless to say, the Miami style of wearing high heel, skin-baring and skintight clothes did not translate well in those cities. Not that I was wearing that style in particular but I did have my moments.

Instead, I adapted, with tights (lots of them), leggings, shirts and t-shirts, flat shoes and crossbody bags. Somehow living in those cities (or perhaps it was the constant moving) called for comfort dressing. I found it somewhat boring compared to the glitz of Miami dressing but it was also practical. If you’re like me who likes to dress comfortably then now is the time to rejoice.

Normcore, athletic or even just comfort dressing are very much in. You want hints? Let me count the ways:

This is of course antithesis to Miami Beach style of skintight clothes and towering heels. So, as the rest of the fashion world (yours truly, included) celebrate this new silhouette and hope that it will be here to stay, Miami will remain quintessentially Miami – which I’m sure some guys won’t mind.


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