Guide to spring trends

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With the fashion round culminating in Paris Fashion Week on March 2014 and as spring starts, here’s a guide to the trends that you can wear for now and later.

1. Fringe. I have never been a fan of fringes but I’m seeing them a lot especially on designer bags. If you don’t want to go full on fringe, you can start small with tassels instead in this Gucci Soho bag.


2. Oxfords. This has been around for awhile since 2012 and has stuck around, updated with metallic accents. No wonder, since it is a fitting replacement to slippers and ballet flats – comfort with a bit of edge.


3. Florals. Florals almost always show up for spring and this year is no different. They just seem more gorgeous every year especially with digital prints that looks like you’re wearing a bouquet.


4. Cropped. In order for this style to work, opt for structured crop tops instead of t-shirts. Paired with full skirt or high waisted trousers, crop tops can certainly be office-appropriate.


5. Comfort. It’s hard to believe but on top of sneakers and sweatshirts, the trusty Birkenstock is back, along with Tevas. This is a silhouette that will certainly extend beyond spring and even beyond the year 2014 to replace skinny jeans and stilettos.

Comfort dressing

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