Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut at Louis Vuitton

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As Paris Fashion Week starts, one of the most anticipated showings (for me, anyway) is Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection for Louis Vuitton on March 5. Ghesquière was named LV’s artistic director of women’s collection late last year in November. This would be Ghesquière’s first show after his surprising exit from Balenciaga after 15 years. Although the women’s collection is only a fraction of the LVMH empire, I would be very interested to see how it would impact LVMH’s share price which is currently at USD 36.85.


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Ghesquière is known for his avant-garde designs and I mean that with no irony. This Vogue article outlines some of those designs. To highlight how his design can propel trends, this crop top was one of the pieces for his last collection Spring 2013 for Balenciaga in 2012, famously worn by Kristen Stewart. Fast forward to today, and the crop top is still on the hot list of the fashion set. More importantly, Ghesquière can also produce something commercially successful, massively so – the Lariat Moto bag. Not that Louis Vuitton needs some reviving, still enjoying the commercial successes under Marc Jacobs but it would be interesting to see how Ghesquière’s vision would affect the brand.

I will definitely be watching this debut closely. Mark your calendars for March 5, 2014 at 10 AM Central European Time. Allons-y!



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