Marissa Mayer’s influence

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Fast Company and Gizmodo recently headlined Yahoo Mail’s new look and how it looks like GMail. And all I can think of is Marissa Mayer. I’ve always been a big fan and had the opportunity to listen to her talk and that admiration has only grown. She can certainly execute.

As much as there are many detractors, especially after Mayer’s ban on working from home and also accounts  of her demotion at Google, there is much to admire about Mayer. First, she was faced with changing an entrenched culture at Yahoo and the best/fastest way to re-align employees is to have everyone in the same space. I am a fan of remote workplaces but if people are not even on the same page culturally, forget it. As for her “demotion”, well, maybe it was time for her to move on. And with that move, she has revitalized the Yahoo brand and made it one of the more attractive workplaces again.


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