The power of Amazon

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Every time I go to places like Target or Walmart, I usually walk away thinking that Amazon will take over our lives one day. Let me count the ways:

  • I couldn’t find the item that I’m looking for; forget about going up and down the aisles
  • When I find the item, the ordering is so haphazard that I’m confused as to the price, I have to compare the SKU or any other number to the sticker price on the shelves
  • I check prices with my Amazon app and find out that I can get the same item for a lower price next day because of Amazon Prime

Just to add insult to injury, my parking ticket was unreadable on my way out of the parking lot.

In contrast, I contacted Amazon yesterday for a defective toaster and voiced my concern that I would prefer to keep the toaster until I receive the new one. Amazon’s answer: send me the toaster the next day via FedEx and a no-hassle return for my defective toaster.

As a user of most  of Amazon’s services: Kindle e-books. Prime, Instant Video and hopefully soon, Locker, when I read reports that Amazon operates at break-even or at a loss, I’m not worried. Jeff Bezos takes the long-view by investing the majority of earnings back to the company, as he should. The trend is not for the millennials to shop at brick-and-mortar stores but at platforms like Amazon’s. If Amazon can add even more value with their new fulfillment centers for their grocery unit, then it’s on track to disrupt big box stores like Target and grocery franchises even more. Because, who really enjoys grocery shopping?


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