The “Me” Platform

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As we get more and more connected, with continuous wifi and smartphones, we accumulate data across several platforms in many different forms: photos, blogs, reviews/comments, status updates in social networks, location check-ins, etc. Along with this data is our personal information: usernames and passwords, settings for different websites or profiles for our businesses.

What if, each person has a platform that displays all of these in one folder, as a web application or a mobile app, where you can see the history and collection of all that you’ve done in the web.

Why? Information and publishing information has become lightning speed and what we saw today, bookmarked or filed away, may be easily forgotten tomorrow. Or what we published today in our Facebook may be a source of embarrassment in the future?  What if you have all that, search for it in one application, go back, delete/edit it and automatically deletes/edits it in whatever platform that was published in.

It’s like the ring that rules them all. It’s the app that will rule all your social networks that has been granted access. 

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